The Official 2018 TBR Pile Challenge: My Sign-Up


I’ll give this challenge from Roof Beam Reader a try. None of these are War and Peace, but all have been on my TBR pile since at least 1984. For some reason, whether due to format, or to disinclination to read some of the ghostwritten items on the list, or for being boxed up for years due to moves, I never got around to reading these yet. Of course, there are 2,100 other books on the TBR pile, but now is the time for these.

  1. The Avenger #2: The Yellow Hoard by Kenneth Robeson
  2. Doc Savage: The Flaming Falcons by Kenneth Robeson
  3. Out of the Silent Planet by C.S. Lewis
  4. The Black Hills Duel by Owen Rountree
  5. Icebreaker by John Gardner
  6. By the Pricking of My Thumbs by Agatha Christie
  7. Postern of Fate by Agatha Christie
  8. A Taste for Honey by H.F. Heard
  9. The Tragedy of X by Ellery Queen
  10. Cop Out by Ellery Queen
  11. The Madman Theory by Ellery Queen
  12. The Secret Files of Solar Pons by Basil Cooper


  1. Doc Savage: Terror in the Navy by Kenneth Robeson
  2. A Redhead for Michael Shayne by Brett Halliday

Challenge successfully completed, with all books, including alternates, read in 2018.

5 thoughts on “The Official 2018 TBR Pile Challenge: My Sign-Up

  1. I really need to read more Agatha Christie. I love And Then There Were None and have read it multiple times. This year, I finally read my second Christie novel, Murder on the Orient Express, in preparation for the film… and I enjoyed that one, too! I think I’ll try Hallowe’en Party next. (I think I also read The Body in the Library years ago when I was in high school, but I only just barely remember it, so I’m not sure it counts anymore! Ha.)


  2. I agree with you and Roof Beam Reader, Agatha Christie has so many great books, I love that so many seem to have one of her mysteries on the TBR list in this challenge. I’m guilty of only reading one of her books (and I am even more sad to say it was in 2017), but know I will enjoy many more of her books in the future!


    • Some of these are rather obscure, and probably mediocre, which is probably why they’ve been sitting here so long. I think I put off the Christie books because she was so popular. If it is that popular, it can’t be good. Turns out that Christie is that good.


  3. Wow, I don’t know any of these except Out of the Silent Planet. And my kid read that one, not me.
    I have read three Agatha Christies and have a couple more loaded on my kindle. I have really enjoyed what I read.
    I love that your books have been in a box since 1984!! Good Luck with the challenge!


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