Amazing Stories, December 1952


Date Finished: April 6, 2016

I started this some time back, but took a few notes along the way.

“Too Many Worlds” by Gerald Vance
Travel to another dimension, possible love triangle, but spends 15 pages or so out of 40 on uninspired battle scenes. There is no determination of the values of different sides, they just start killing aliens. Brief interlude for the hero to fall in love, then more battle.

“First Run” by Mallory Storm
This is a baseball story, though mainly to stress idea of having losing team’s heads turned into the baseballs, not differences is physics of baseball across the solar system. Also 12 players on team for some reason, not 25 or 24 or whatever rosters were set at in 1952. The author spends much more effort on showing pitcher to be a jerk to his team than in baseball action. And, of course, there was a reason he was being such a jerk to his teammates.

“Moon of the Twelve Gods” by Robert Arnette (aka Rog Phillips)
A Chicago streetcar is snatched off its route, passengers and all and taken to another world. Placed in a fake Chicago, the occupants quickly figure out something is amiss. Short, but feels like a Twilight Zone episode. Unable to return everyone back to the original time stream, some characters get their comeuppance. A good story and fun to see Chicago references.
“The Martian Cross” by Clee Garson
Well, definitely unmemorable. Two guys and a girl, Martians, Lake Geneva, something, something, who knows?

“Visitor from Darkness” by Rog Phillips
Weak, confusing. Somewhat a murder mystery but then ancient Egyptians appear for some reason. The murders are never explained. Climax is a confusing mess.

This wasn’t the issue to get me interested in science fiction. Not very good.