Kathleen Moore Knight – High Rendezvous (1954)

DBC cover

Vintage Golden Age Mystery
Just the Facts Category: Where — Any outdoor location
European Reading Challenge – Switzerland
TBR #16 (10e, 6p)
Date Finished: February 3, 2019

A young woman, who has taken her step-daughter with her as they fled to France away from her abusive husband, thinks she has killed him when he arrives to reclaim his daughter. She flees again to a remote mountain hotel in Switzerland, but he soon tracks them down and traps them in the off-season resort, killing the handymen and leaving only three women and the young step-daughter on the mountain. A Paris photographer neighbor of the woman also follows and tries to save them.

A thrilling-enough story, though the young woman character makes a number of dumb mistakes, as characters usually do in these types of stories. I kept expecting the evil husband to reappear in the last chapter as his capture was rather anticlimactic and bloodless, but he did not. The Switzerland setting was okay, though largely limited to the mountain and the tram car that serviced the hotel.

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Stephen Marlowe – Jeopardy Is My Job (1962)


Vintage Silver Age Mystery
Just the Facts Category: How — Death by blunt instrument
Calendar of Crime: June #7 – Book title has word starting with “J”
European Reading Challenge – Spain
TBR #15.66 (10e, 5.66p)
Date Finished: February 3, 2019

Chet Drum is hired by a rich man to find his missing drunken expatriate son in Spain. His disappearance seems to be related to the young bullfighter his daughter is involved with, either due to their forbidden romance or to the smuggling that he, his brother, and his gypsy step-mother are conducting. When one of the other expatriates is killed, Drum and the young woman have to break up the smuggling ring, figure out how the expatriates are involved, and deal with the corrupt police.

An exciting Chester Drum story, the fourteenth in the series, has a good setting on the Mediterranean coast of Spain. Its rich description is the highlight of this story, which is fairly straightforward plotwise. The writing is good, of course, so these stories are always fun to read.

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Edward Candy – Which Doctor? (1953)

DBC cover

Vintage Golden Age Mystery
Just the Facts Category: Where — In a Hospital
Calendar of Crime: September #9 – Setting = place of employment
European Reading Challenge – Great Britain
TBR #13.66 (8e, 5.66p)
Date Finished: January 31, 2019

Professor Fabian Honeychurch, noted doctor and teacher of pediatrics, visits a rural hospital for children for an upcoming medical conference, meeting a couple of youthful patients, as well as various medical types. One in particular, a distasteful man who had previously been a student of Honeychurch’s turns up dead, while one of the young boys disappears. A good-natured doctor is suspected, though several others are also possibilities. Inspector Burnivel arrives from Scotland Yard to take charge of the investigation.

Although it seems as if Honeychurch will be the detective and unique character here, Burnivel arrives in chapter 7 and takes over the investigation, with Honeychurch losing half of his intelligence. Burnivel is irascible and seemingly determined to take the investigation in various wrong directions. The resolution arrives largely through another suspect, rather than any activity on Burnivel’s part, though he claims to have known the identity of the murderer anyway. Still, the setting is good and the characters are distinct.

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