2016 Mt. TBR Final Checkpoint


I successfully hit my goal of 75 books off the TBR pile for the TBR Challenge to reach El Toro, but could probably have reached Mt. Everest with a little more focus in October and November. Here’s the final list:

  1. Tickets for Death by Brett Halliday (3 copies, purchased in 2008, 2009, and 2011)
  2. Assignment Treason by Edward S. Aarons (on TBR pile since 2009)
  3. Broken Shield by Ben Benson (on TBR pile since 2007)
  4. Blow Hot, Blow Cold by Ellery Queen (on TBR pile since prior to 2006)
  5. Day of the Ram by William Campbell Gault (on TBR pile only since 2015)
  6. Nude in Nevada by Thomas B. Dewey (on TBR pile since 2015)
  7. The Price of Murder by John D. MacDonald (2 copies, prior to 2006 and 2007)
  8. Turn on the Heat by A.A. Fair (on TBR pile since 2007)
  9. Castle Skull by John Dickson Carr (purchased in 2015)
  10. Shakedown by Richard Ellington (on TBR pile prior to 2006)
  11. Million Dollar Murder by Edward S. Aarons (on TBR pile prior to 2006)
  12. Stone Cold Blonde by Adam Knight (on TBR pile since 2008)
  13. Swan Song by Edmund Crispin (on TBR pile since ca. 2005)
  14. Death Lights a Candle by Phoebe Atwood Taylor
  15. The Toff Goes to Market by John Creasey
  16. The Silencers by Donald Hamilton
  17. Hunter at Large by Thomas B. Dewey
  18. The Ice-Cold Nude by Carter Brown
  19. Death’s Long Shadow by Jay Barbette
  20. The Corpse Came Calling by Brett Halliday
  21. Joker in the Deck by Richard S. Prather
  22. Maigret and the Tavern by the Seine by Georges Simenon
  23. Dragnet, Case No. 561 by David Knight (Richard S. Prather)
  24. Alibi at Dusk by Ben Benson
  25. The Charred Witness by George Harmon Coxe
  26. Tether’s End by Margery Allingham
  27. The Black Door by Cleve F. Adams
  28. Death Comes as the End by Agatha Christie
  29. The Plague Court Murders by Carter Dickson
  30. The Under Dog and Other Stories by Agatha Christie
  31. Little Lulu, Volume 28: The Prize Winner and Other Stories by John Stanley
  32. Mystery in SpaceMystery in Space by Gardner Fox and others
  33. The Frightened Ladies by Ben Benson
  34. Alfred Hitchcock’s Coffin Break
  35. The Best Dr. Thorndyke Detective Stories by R. Austin Freeman
  36. Witness to Death (Saint Mystery Library #2) by Wenzel Brown and others
  37. Blackjacked and Pistol Whipped: A Crime Does Not Pay Primer by Bob Wood and others
  38. Night Train to Paris by Manning Coles
  39. Showcase Presents: The Haunted Tank, Vol. 1 by Robert Kanigher and others
  40. The Running Man by Ben Benson
  41. Slay Ride by Frank Kane
  42. Our Gang Vol. 3, by Walt Kelly
  43. Death in Four Colors by Brandon Bird
  44. Footprints on a Brain: The Inspector Allhoff Stories by D.L. Champion
  45. Seven by John D. MacDonald
  46. High Adventure 98: The Crimson Mask by Norman Daniels
  47. Alex Raymond’s Flash Gordon Vol. 6 by Alex Raymond
  48. The Case of the Murdered Model by Thomas B. Dewey
  49. No Footprints in the Bush by Arthur W. Upfield
  50. Murder at the Vicarage by Agatha Christie
  51. The Ninth Hour by Ben Benson
  52. Blood on the Stars by Brett Halliday
  53. The So Blue Marble by Dorothy B. Hughes
  54. Death Is a Stowaway by Wesley Price
  55. Milton Caniff’s Steve Canyon: 1952 by Milton Caniff
  56. Grave Danger by Frank Kane
  57. A Taste for Violence by Brett Halliday
  58. House of Terror by Evelyn Berckman
  59. Call for Michael Shayne by Brett Halliday
  60. The Brave Bad Girls by Thomas B. Dewey
  61. A Risky Way to Kill by Richard Lockridge
  62. Murder Sails at Midnight by Marian Babson
  63. Criminal Conversation by Nicolas Freeling
  64. Llana of Gathol by Edgar Rice Burroughs
  65. Pistol Passport by Eugene Cunningham
  66. Kill the Clown by Richard S. Prather
  67. Terry and the Pirates: Flying Ace Dude (Vol. 12, 1940-1941) by Milt Caniff
  68. The Happy Hollisters and the Mystery of the Little Mermaid by Jerry West
  69. Who Killed Madcap Millicent? by Roger Fuller
  70. The Corpse Was No Bargain at All by Hampton Stone
  71. The Flying Eye by Bob McKnight/Never Forget, Never Forgive by Clayton Fox
  72. Fenner by George Harmon Coxe
  73. High Fury by Harry Whittington
  74. Showcase Presents: Wonder Woman Vol. 4
  75. Walt Disney’s Uncle Scrooge in Only a Poor Old Man (Gladstone Comic Album Series No. 20)
  76. Walt Disney’s Donald and Gladstone (Gladstone Comic Album Series, No. 15)
  77. Walt Disney’s Donald and Daisy (Gladstone Comic Album Series No. 12)
  78. Walt Disney’s Donald Duck Family (Gladstone Comic Album Series No. 21)
  79. Walt Disney’s Donald Duck Adventures Voodoo Hoodoo (Gladstone Comic Album Series No. 16)
  80. Walt Disney’s Uncle Scrooge: Hawaiian Hideaway (Gladstone Comic Album Series No. 11)
  81. Tarzan: Jewels of Opar by Russ Manning
  82. Essential Fantastic Four, Volume 3
  83. Tarzan: The Lost Adventure, Vol. 1 by Edgar Rice Burroughs and Joe R. Lansdale
  84. Tarzan: The Lost Adventure, Vol. 2 by Edgar Rice Burroughs and Joe R. Lansdale
  85. Tarzan: The Lost Adventure, Vol. 3 by Edgar Rice Burroughs and Joe R. Lansdale
  86. Tarzan: The Lost Adventure, Vol. 4 by Edgar Rice Burroughs and Joe R. Lansdale
  87. High Adventure 44: Black Lightning by Robert Sidney Bowen

As for completing the proverbs, here goes:

A stitch in time…[is] A Risky Way to Kill.
Don’t count your chickens…[in the] House of Terror.
A penny saved is….[a] Broken Shield.
All good things must come[to a] Tether’s End.
When in RomeKill the Clown.
All that glitters is notBlood on the Stars.
A picture is worth aA Joker in the Deck.
When the going gets tough, the tough getA Taste for Violence.
Two wrongs don’t make[an] Alibi at Dusk.
The pen is mightier than….[the] Night Train to Paris.
The squeaky wheel gets[a] Shakedown.
Hope for the best, but prepare forDeath’s Long Shadow.
Birds of a feather flockTurn on the Heat.

Thanks Bev.

Robert Sidney Bowen – Black Lightning (1934)


Date Finished: December 31, 2016
TBR #87

And one last book for 2016. This first adventure of Dusty Ayres and his Battle Birds, published as High Adventure #44, pits him against the invasion force headed by the Black Hawk. Dusty has to race around the country due to troubles with communications systems, discovering the invasion coming from an unexpected place in Canada. He daringly fights the forces, though Duluth is largely destroyed. Oh well. Some prescient elements regarding the coming World War, but still some unbelievable pulp bits and villains. I prefer Bowen’s straight air war stories.


Burroughs & Lansdale – Tarzan: The Lost Adventure (1995)


Date Finished: December 25-28, 2016
TBR #83-86

This unfinished Edgar Rice Burroughs manuscript was finished by Joe R. Lansdale and published originally in four parts by Dark Horse. Also included were the John Carter of Mars Sunday comic strips from the early 1940s. The reproduction on these is not great, not that they were very good comic strips to begin with. The Tarzan story has a few instances were Lansdale obviously inserts some more modern expressions and actions, but it is still a good action novel with some suspense. I must have left these on the shelf for 21 years to first finish the other Tarzan novels, but did not need to. There isn’t much continuity in the later novels, so isn’t necessary to read them in order.

Graphic novel roundup post

November 12, 2016
Milt Caniff – Male Call

December 14, 2016
Carl Barks Library of Walt Disney’s Comics and Stories in Color #1
Carl Barks Library of Walt Disney’s Comics and Stories in Color #2
Carl Barks Library of Walt Disney’s Comics and Stories in Color #3
Carl Barks Library of Donald Duck Adventures in Color #5
Carl Barks Library of 1940s Donald Duck Christmas Giveaways

December 15, 2016
TBR #74 Showcase Presents: Wonder Woman volume 4
Carl Barks Library of Donald Duck Adventures in Color #1
TBR #75 Walt Disney’s Uncle Scrooge in Only a Poor Old Man (Gladstone Comic Album Series No. 20)
TBR #76 Walt Disney’s Donald and Gladstone (Gladstone Comic Album Series, No. 15)
TBR #77 Walt Disney’s Donald and Daisy (Gladstone Comic Album Series No. 12)

December 20, 2016
TBR #78 Walt Disney’s Donald Duck Family (Gladstone Comic Album Series No. 21)
TBR #79 Walt Disney’s Donald Duck Adventures Voodoo Hoodoo (Gladstone Comic Album Series No. 16)
TBR #80 Walt Disney’s Uncle Scrooge: Hawaiian Hideaway (Gladstone Comic Album Series No. 11)

December 24, 2016
TBR #81 Tarzan: Jewels of Opar

December 31, 2016
TBR #82 Essential Fantastic Four, Volume 3

Since wrapping up the detective challenge, I’ve been mostly reading comics, obviously. Re-read some of the Carl Barks Library and finally read some of the Gladstone Comic Albums, as well as a few other volumes. It will be a bit tough to get back in the prose mode.

Harry Whittington – High Fury (1964)


Date Finished: November 9, 2016
TBR #73

A innocent but still wanted man, on the trail of a man who could clear him of murder, discovers a girl raped and abandoned in the wilderness. Bringing her back to town, he discovers that the man he is after may be responsible for crimes against the girl. Well done western, though not too out of the ordinary in the plotting.

George Harmon Coxe – Fenner (1971)


Vintage Silver Age Mystery
Scavenger Hunt Category: Jewelry of Any Sort
Date Finished: October 23, 2016
TBR #72

Jack Fenner, a supporting character in the Kent Murdock mystery series, finally gets to star in his own novel late in George Harmon Coxe’s writing career. It is too bad he did not get a stronger outing. A young wealthy woman escapes from a mental institution where he husband had committed her and seeks help from Fenner. Her husband turns up dead shortly thereafter and Fenner has to track down the murderer before the young woman has to report to the police. Some of the dialogue prior to the murder just seems odd, as if Fenner is already gathering murder-related clues. Murdock shows up here, but he works better as a lead, rather than a bland supporting character. Fenner’s character doesn’t have all that much to distinguish it either, and Coxe doesn’t really give us anything new when using Fenner as the lead. Disappointing.


Mount TBR: Checkpoint #3

Mount TBR 2016

As per Bev’s instructions, here is my check-in information so far.

  1. How high have you climbed?

Well, things have slowed down a bit since finishing the sabbatical and the Golden Age Mystery challenge, but I’m at 71 read out of my goal of 75 TBR books, so almost to Mt. Toro. I’ll still shoot for 100 and Mt. Everest but need to get climbing.

2. Complete ONE (or more if you like) of the following:

 C. Which book (read so far) has been on your TBR mountain the longest? Was it worth the wait? Or is it possible you should have tackled it back when you first put it on the pile? Or tossed it off the edge without reading it all?
I suppose Ellery Queen’s Blow Hot, Blow Cold has been in my pile since the late 1980s, though some of the Agatha Christies have also been around for that long. I am less motivated to read non-series titles, so some other Ellery Queens have been on my shelf since the early 1980s. Even as a kid, I could tell that those late Queens did not fit with the rest of his work, long before the internet and the identification of various ghostwriters. This one, written by Fletcher Flora, was ok, but not a Queen classic. Still, it is good to get it off the shelf.