Brett Halliday – A Redhead for Mike Shayne (1964)


Vintage Silver Age Mystery
Cloak and Dagger Challenge #132
Monthly Key Word: Red
Official 2018 TBR Pile Challenge #11 (alternate)
TBR #138
Date Finished: December 18, 2018


Mike Shayne encounters a strange Russian automatic pistol while on a warehouse stakeout. Another similar pistol had also turned up in Miami the previous week. Could these dangerous weapons have been tied up with Russian arms shipments to Castro and his Cuban revolutionaries. Mike thinks the pistols could be resold to weapon collectors at a big profit, so his investigation leads him to a dead pawnbroker, a dead ship’s captain, and a dead revolutionary. The captain had lost a ship six years before that may have been the source of the weapons now turning up. A redheaded female reporter gives Mike some assistance and some consternation before it is all wrapped up.

No great mystery here, but it moves along nicely and reads quickly, which is much more than I expected from this ghostwritten novel. The awful 1972 cover is probably why it languished on my shelf, a big comedown from the classic style of the 1964 cover. Those pants are a bad idea, Mike.

2018 Monthly Key Words 2018-12-18

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