Deal Me In Challenge 2019


Belatedly, I’m getting organized on the 2019 Deal Me In Challenge. My 2018 plan was to list the first story in a pulp or book, often a novella, and then use that to motivate me to read the entire thing. That was not entirely successful. This year, having stockpiled a number of short stories through the excellent Black Cat Mystery Club, I’m hoping I’ll have a much simpler time of it. My list:

A The Scarlet Ace – Theodore Tinsley
2 Somebody Knew Her – Gil Brewer
3 Sting of the Scorpion – Richard B. Sale
4 Terror Panics the Crime Quiz – David X. Manners
5 The Euthanasian – Jacob Hay
6 The Wind of Fear – Talmage Powell
7 A Way with a Will – Talmage Powell
8 On a Sunday Afternoon- Gil Brewer
9 Cut Bait – Gil Brewer
10 My Lady Is a Tramp – Gil Brewer
J The Body in the Pool – Rufus King
Q Swamp Search – Harry Whittington
K Jamaican Ice Mystery – John Gregory Bettencourt

A♣ One Summer Night – Bryce Walton
2♣ Trespasser – Fletcher Flora
3♣ I’ll Kill For You – Fletcher Flora
4♣ I’ll Race You – Fletcher Flora
5♣ In the Shade of the Old Apple Tree – Fletcher Flora
6♣ Shadowed – Richard Wormser
7♣ Thubway Tham Goes to the Races – Johnston McCulley
8♣ Once Aboard the Lugger – Stuart Palmer
9♣ A Hearing Aid for Carmody – Stephen Wasylyk
10♣ Mystery of the Mexicali Murders – J. Lane Linklater
J♣ Game Plan – Stephen Wasylyk
Q♣ The Pickpocket- Mickey Spillane
K♣ The Opposite Number – Jacob Hay

A Un-dressed to Kill – Richard Deming
2 Till Death Do Not Us Part – Talmage Powell
3 Miami Papers Please Copy – Rufus King
4 Murder Goes to the Dogs – Talmage Powell
5 Death of a Daughter – Talmage Powell
6 Home Again Blues – Gil Brewer
7 A Long Rope – Archie Obler
8 False Start – Talmage Powell
9 Somebody Cares – Talmage Powell
10 Her Dagger Before Me – Talmage Powell
J Obituary- Fletcher Flora
Q Once Upon a Bank Floor – James Holding
K Rendezvous- H. Bedford-Jones

A♠ The Collector Comes After Payday – Fletcher Flora
2♠ Mind the Posies – Talmage Powell
3♠ My Man Bertram – Jacob Hay
4♠ The Man From H-to-M – Jacob Hay
5♠ Soufflé Surprise- Vincent McConnor
6♠ A One-Pipe Problem – John Gregory Betancourt
7♠ Heels Are for Hating – Fletcher Flora
8♠ Half a Loaf – James Holding
9♠ Face of Evil – David Alexander
10♠ The Fast Line – Art Crockett
J♠ Top Secret Boondoggle – Jacob Hay
Q♠ With This Gun – Gil Brewer
K♠ The Big Job – Thomas B. Dewey

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