James McConnaughey – Three for the Money (1954)

DBC cover

Vintage Golden Age Mystery
Just the Facts Category: How — Death by poison
Calendar of Crime: December #3 – Primary action takes place this month
TBR #13.33 (8e, 5.33p)
Date Finished: January 26, 2019

A man is indicted for the poisoning murder of his wife, but it is clear to nobody but him that he is being framed. Fleeing with his young step-son, he heads to their remote summer cabin in upstate New York to find out who signed his name to the drugstore poison register in a nearby town and to find out who could have slipped the poison into his wife’s vitamin capsules during their stay the previous summer. As fugitives, they meet a young woman who helps them in their quest, with the requisite love story.

A fugitive-on-the-run thriller that doesn’t have much in the way of whodunit or other surprises, this one is likable but average. Unless this was a pseudonym, this seems to be McConnaughey’s only work.

just the facts golden 2019-01-26calendar of crime checkoff sheet 2019-01-26

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