W.T. Ballard – Murder Can’t Stop (1946)


Vintage Golden Age Mystery
Vintage Mystery Extravaganza category: 2011 #1
Date Finished: January 19, 2020

Hollywood movie studio troubleshooter Bill Lennox takes his actor friend to a lake resort to have him dry out and pull himself together. The lake resort used by the various Hollywood types is also the home to a small mining town. A Hollywood mogul with whom Bill’s studio is fighting in court turns up dead in Bill’s bed. Convoluted family connections between him and people in the mining town are investigated with many others turning up dead.

The setting is good here, but the breakneck pace at which every suspect is soon murdered with various motives and back stories makes this it difficult to keep characters straight. I do enjoy Ballard’s writing, but this one has too much plot and not enough characterization.

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