Octavus Roy Cohen – Love Has No Alibi (1945)


Vintage Golden Age Mystery
Vintage Mystery Extravaganza category: 2011 #5
Date Finished: January 29, 2020

Architect Kirk Douglas is in love with the female half of a nightclub dance team. She is still married to her dancing partner, however, who will not give her a divorce. Mysteriously a $100,000 has been deposited in Douglas’ bank account, but he has no clue as to its source. Meanwhile a woman he doesn’t know turns up dead in Douglas’ apartment. Also, a wealthy young socialite who has recently been kidnapped turns up at the nightclub and persistently pursues Douglas. Are these strange events tied together in some sort of frame up, and if so, to what purpose?

This is a enjoyable and entertaining mystery, though somewhat far fetched in coincidences if you stop to think. So don’t stop to think. Read and have fun.

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