Dan Temple – The Man From Idaho (1956)


Vintage Western
Monthly Key Word: Man
TBR #71 (45e, 26p)
Date Finished: June 23, 2019

A gunman from Idaho arrives in a valley to find the rancher who hired him has been killed and his daughter and an Eastern businessman have taken over the ranch that dominates the valley. The remaining ranchers have been gathered together by an ambitious schemer and are causing trouble by tearing down fencing, burning buildings, and stampeding cattle. The gunman is caught between the two factions, refusing to leave town when told to do so, and eventually working for both sides before figuring out where his loyalties lie.

A rather stock situation with stock characters and action, this story is competently told by D.B. Newton, written under one of his pen names. It is enlivened mainly by the descriptions of the environment, painting effective pictures of the West.

2019 Monthly Key Words 2019-06-23

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