Frances and Richard Lockridge – Death Takes a Bow (1943)


Vintage Golden Age Mystery
Just the Facts Category: Where — At a Theatre/Circus/other place of performance
TBR #70 (45e, 25p)
Date Finished: June 19, 2019

Jerry North has to introduce a noted author prior to a speech. Just as the introduction is finished, however, the author slumps over dead, poisoned by morphine. Lt. Weigand soon arrives, the only homicide detective in New York, it seems, as he gets to deal with all of the North’s murders. The author’s love life, time in Paris, or youth in Iowa may be motives behind the killing.

Jerry North takes some of the early action here, but soon disappears from the story as Pam gets to demonstrate her incomplete sentences to her visiting nieces and her cats. Pam and her logic are much more featured than they were in Death on the Aisle, just two books previous. Not many suspects with any viable motives or reasonable opportunities are present, nor is much time spent investigating them. Pam decides upon a prime suspect, which is fairly obvious to the reader, and of course goes off to confront them on her own, as the North formula indicates. That conflict is stifled quickly by Weigand before any real suspense can be built. A mediocre entry in this series.

Just the Facts Golden 2019-06-19

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