Richard S. Prather – The Meandering Corpse (1965)


Vintage Silver Age Mystery
Just the Facts Category: What — Comic/Humorous novel
TBR #69 (44e, 25p)
Date Finished: June 16, 2019

Shell Scott has a big date with a belly dancer, but the daughter of a mobster gets him involved with a fight between two rival factions. Fights, murders, bombings, helicopter rides, and beautiful women abound, but Shell sorts it all out and breaks up two mobs.

The usual Shell Scott silliness seems toned down here to start, but then breaks loose with a ridiculous chase through the cemetery with Shell carrying a bomb-filled corpse. That’s not even the climax. Luckily Prather leaves out his repugnant politics here, but the series is running low on originality and steam.

Just the Facts Silver 2019-06-16

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