Ngaio Marsh – Death of a Peer (1940)


Vintage Golden Age Mystery
Just the Facts Category: Why — Out of your comfort zone
Calendar of Crime: December #9 – Family gathering important
TBR #12 (7e, 5p)
Date Finished: January 20, 2019

The family of the second son of a British peer is poor and wacky. When the eldest son refuses to pay their bills, he ends up dead in their elevator and Inspector Alleyn must investigate.

Alternatively titled A Surfeit of Lampreys this one surely has too many Lampreys, the family in question, with their antics and poverty supposedly fun and lovable, at least to the visiting New Zealander, through whom the reader sees much of the early action. The dull Alleyn doesn’t liven up the overlong proceedings very much, while the ending is not very complicated or clever. The cover blurb tries to intimate that Marsh is superior to Christie, but Poirot was an eccentric character and Christie’s surprise endings were much more clever.

just the facts golden 2019-01-20calendar of crime checkoff sheet 2019-01-20

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