Deal Me In Challenge – Round-up


Deal Me In Challenge: 8♦️, 2♣️, 5♣️, 7♣️, Q♣️, Q♥️, K♠️

My intention was to finish the entire magazine or book in which these stories appeared, but I didn’t manage to do so in 2018. So therefore, some notes:

8♦️“Mystery of the Martian Pendulum” by Thornton Ayre and A.R. Steber, Amazing Stories, October 1941: Explorers on Mars discover an underground chamber with a mysterious orb and surrounding smaller orbs, which causes the center orb to tick. It all explodes and I cannot remember any sort of logical explanation why this existed or what was the point of this story. A mystery. The end of the issue and nothing more than filler.

2♣️ – “Necromancy in Naat” by Clark Ashton Smith, Weird Tales, July 1936: Strange, almost apocalyptic, as quest for abducted woman leads to isle of sorcerers and death, and undeath.

5♣️ – “Hell’s Pavement” by Irving E. Cox, Jr., Astounding Science Fiction, December 1951: A warrior empire attempts again to conquer a mysterious planet known as the Enigma, where all previous invasion attempts had failed. It fails again, and spoiler: it’s Earth!

7♣️ – “One Little Bullet” by Henry Kane, Manhunt, April 1953: Peter Chambers investigates a killing in a crowded nightclub. Several individuals with motives were sitting at a table with the right angle for the shot but Peter tracks down the one with the marksmanship skills. Dialogue not as quirky as usual, which does away with the series’ main attribute.

Q♣️ – “The Tears of Evil” by Craig Rice: A wedding anniversary party leads to murder, unluckily for the couple, but luckily Malone was a guest.

Q♥️ – The Murder of Mr. Malone” by Craig Rice: Malone inadvertently switches place with a San Francisco private eye in the Los Angeles airport and then keeps up the switch until the murderer can be found, including during his own funeral, allowing him to pop up from his coffin and accuse the murderer. No great mystery but fun and wacky, like most Craig Rice works. No Jake and Helene but his competent secretary Maggie.

K♠️ – “The Adventure of the Empty House” by Arthur Conan Doyle: Sherlock Holmes returns after his supposed death three years before. A hunt for Moriarty’s lieutenant brings him back to London and out into the open. The mystery itself serves only as a reason for this return but still triumphant.


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