Super-Detective – January 1943


Vintage Mystery Pulp
Deal Me In Challenge: 10♦️
Cloak and Dagger Challenge #136
Date Finished: December 30, 2018

The Super-Detective pulp was a Trojan publication from their Speed era after the forced clean-up of their Spicy line. Three out of six stories here are reprints from 1934 issues of Spicy Detective, though with much of their salacious material removed. This includes a Norman A. Daniels story, under the name Max Neilson, “Murder Stays at Home” that is enjoyable.

The ten of diamonds selection, “Murder Between Shifts” by John Grange, was a new “book-length” story featuring detective Jim Anthony. He is too good to be true, a millionaire, factory owner, and super-detective, but the story moves along nicely with various motives present for a nightclub killing. The gimmick was a bit obvious but otherwise enjoyable, despite this being a lower quality pulp. The interesting
setting of war time swing shift culture is a plus.

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