Burt Arthur – Empty Saddles (1962)


Vintage Silver Age Mystery
Cloak and Dagger Challenge #126
Date Finished: October 6, 2018

A  returning WWII veteran begins a law practice in a small Texas town at the insistence of his rancher father. He also gets involved politically against the powerful politicians that run the town, including the fathers of two young women with whom he gets involved. When the reform faction takes the law into its own hands, he tries to help them out through gathering information on the politicians’ corruption, despite what it will do to the fathers of his romantic interests.

Obviously marketed as a western, for which Burt Arthur was more well known, this is definitely a modern crime novel set in Texas ranch country. Despite a couple of horse scenes, he is not the walking arsenal that is pictured on the cover above. The novel itself is short and moderately entertaining, with enough character and action to survive a plane trip.

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