Gordon D. Shirreffs – The Manhunter (1970)


Vintage Western
Wild Wild West Reading Challenge #13
TBR #92
Date Finished: August 31, 2018

A wanted man visits Mexico to fulfill a $5000 offer by finding five pieces of a treasure map held by five criminal partners. The map leads to the ruins of an old Spanish mission somewhere in the mountains where the church’s gold was gathered and remains hidden. The treasure is seemingly cursed as all who seek it for their own enrichment end up dead. Aiding the manhunter is a half-Indian woman who may have her own motives for coming along.

I like a good treasure hunt story and this one does not disappoint. Shirreffs is, of course, an outstanding writer and this is one of his later stories. The internal conflict is moderate, thankfully, and the action plentiful.

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