William Hopson – The Last Shoot-Out (1959)


Vintage Western
Wild Wild West Reading Challenge #8
TBR #77
Date Finished: July 31, 2018

A killer arrives in a Texas town to help his outlaw pals who have now gone straight and investigate the death of the one who primarily raised him. The former outlaws now are a judge, banker, and rancher, while the dead one was the sheriff. Taking over the sheriff’s job, Ladino Peyron soon finds that the former outlaws are not as reformed as they appear. He vows to find the killer of his friend, no matter who he is, turning him against all of the various factions in town.

A fairly standard Western plot, but well told with good action sequences. Having so many characters in a 126-page story leads to many being underdeveloped, but even if they are surface-level portrayals, they are well defined enough and distinct enough that the action and plot are not hindered.

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