Michael Avallone – The Living Bomb (1963)


Vintage Silver Age Mystery
Just the Facts Category: Who — In/Retired from the Armed Services
Cloak and Dagger Challenge #82
TBR #57
Monthly Key Word: Live
Date Finished: June 14, 2018

Private detective Ed Noon is called in by the FBI to help find a missing nuclear scientist, who Ed new briefly during a World War II campaign. The scientist has disappeared just prior to a United Nations peace conference and somehow he is central to that conference, having just developed the world’s biggest bomb, the Cobalt Bomb, and being world famous, despite nobody else knowing what he looks like. Oh, and there is also a spy who may be responsible for the disappearance who  Ed Noon looks exactly alike, leading to confusion with the scientist’s girlfriend, the other spy factions, and the police.

The action moves along nicely, but the coincidences required by the plot are ridiculously unbelievable. Ed Noon jumped early on the spy craze here, but it can no way be considered a competition to serious works such as those by Donald Hamilton or Edward S. Aarons. It is closer to the Man from U.N.C.L.E., for which Avallone wrote novels.

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One thought on “Michael Avallone – The Living Bomb (1963)

  1. I love how you’re doing multiple keywords per month. I thought about doing that but I’m also trying to complete the Mount TBR challenge. I think I would just keep adding books to my bookshelf. There are some keywords I haven’t had on my bookshelf at all! I’m looking forward to summer where I can get more reading done.


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