Michael Crichton – Drug of Choice (1970)


Vintage Silver Age Mystery
Just the Facts Category: Who β€” In the Medical Field
Cloak and Dagger Challenge #54
Date Finished: May 11, 2018

A couple of patients are taken to a Los Angeles hospital in deep comas from which each awakens as if from a deep sleep with no after effects. Suspecting some new drug, the young doctor investigates and soon experiences the same effect, leading him to a mysterious company. That company has developed a hypnotic new drug that causes the user to believe any suggestion, which they use to trap him into serving as the physician at a resort island in the Caribbean that is not all that it has been advertised to be. The doctor must figure out how to escape the corporation’s clutches, although they seem to be anticipating his every move.

A strange science-fictiony story that never adequately explains why this is all happening or why they let the original patients to go the hospital, other than to get the doctor involved. The strange concept was obviously the centerpiece, while the illogical plot and the poor characterizations were obviously of much less importance to the author. At least it is short.

Just the Facts Silver Card 2018-05-11

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