John K. Butler – At the Stroke of Midnight


Vintage Golden Age Mystery
Just the Facts Category: When — Time/Date/etc in Title
Cloak and Dagger Challenge #49
TBR #34
Date Finished: April 29, 2018

From the pages of Dime Detective, this volume collects the nine Steve Midnight stories that appeared in that magazine between May 1940 and March 1942. Steve Midnight is a cabby for the Red Owl Cab Company of Los Angeles who always seems to run into trouble around Midnight, hence his nickname. The cops, and his grumpy dispatcher, repeatedly try to blame him for the murders and other crimes that keep occurring in his vicinity. He keeps solving those crimes to prove his innocence and keep his freedom. Sure, the plotting doesn’t vary greatly from story to story, but they are exciting enough pulp adventures, written without a lot of filler, that read quickly enough while you’re watching a ballgame.

Just the Facts Golden Card 2018-04-29


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