Craig Rice – The Wrong Murder (1940)


Vintage Golden Age Mystery
Just the Facts Category: Why — It’s by an author you’ve read & loved before

Cloak and Dagger Challenge #36
TBR #22
Monthly Key Word: Wrong
Date Finished: March 25, 2018

Jake and Helene Justus, just married, are trying to leave on their honeymoon, or at least consummate the marriage, but parties, policeman, jails, murders, alcohol, and more alcohol, seem to keep getting in their way. At their wedding party, a society woman bets Jake that she can murder someone and get away with it. When a unknown man is shot in the back amid all the Christmas shoppers crossing the street at State and Madison, Jake assumes that this is the murder she intended. All of the others at the party seemed to have a motive for killing this man, a chiseler and crook, but Jake, Helene, and John J. Malone, their attorney friend, cannot find one for her. Nevertheless, they solve this crime, which turns out to be the wrong murder.

Another Chicago mystery, with many more downtown places mentioned, most of which have changed greatly from 1940. This series continues to be very entertaining and wacky, with the mystery at times taking a secondary place to the comedy, though remaining complex. A completely satisfying read that motivates me to move on to the follow-up novel, The Right Murder, as soon as possible.

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