Edward S. Aarons – Assignment Angelina (1959)


Vintage Golden Age Mystery
Just the Facts Category: Who — Retired From or In the Armed Services
TBR #7
Cloak and Dagger Challenge #6
Date Finished: January 18, 2018

Two ex-army men, a German scientist, and the scientist’s woman, are on a killing spree across the U.S., seeking some secret formula documents stolen from a Nazi chemical plant toward the end of the war. The two ex-army men are killing others in their former unit who they suspect may have the documents. Sam Durrell was the G-2 intelligence officer associated with that operation, but they find the documents in the possession of a man living near Durrell’s boyhood Louisiana backwoods home. That man’s fiancee is a former first love of Durrell’s, Angelina. Upon her fiance’s killing, she joins up with Sam to get revenge, and possibly get Sam back again. Meanwhile, the villains are using the formula to create a knock-out gas that helps them rob banks and other sources of financial wealth.

This is much more a domestic criminal hunt than the usual espionage that we’ve come to expect from Sam Durrell. The big detriment is the Angelina character, who gets in the way more than she ever does something useful. The villainous female character, Jessie, is much more intelligent and competent, though evil, scheming and masterminding much of the plot. Angelina gets captured multiple times by not watching her back or by overconfidence in her own abilities. The book is not terrible, but not as good as others in this series.

Just the Facts Golden Card 2018-01-18

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