Talmage Powell – Start Screaming Murder (1962)


Vintage Silver Age Mystery
Scavenger Hunt Category: Performer
Date Finished: October 18, 2017

Tampa private investigator Ed Rivers is hired by a scared, beautiful woman, who happens to be a midget, to keep a man away from her. Ed runs into various thugs, creeps, and rich people (also creeps) in his quest, leading him to believe that there is more to the case than a persistent, unwelcome suitor. Turns out there is a missing $500,000 related to a plot to kill an unnamed Cuban leader. (C’mon, it’s Castro.) Despite various beatings, abductions, and shootings, Ed persists.

The fourth of five in this series, this one seems rather uninspired. The world of carny performers, including little people, is touched upon, but only tangentially. That would have been a new and creative setting, but rather we get thugs hiding out in a hotel and on a yacht. The tents on the cover, I suppose, are intended to depict a circus sideshow, but no performer of the type pictured appears in this mystery.

Vintage Silver Scavenger 2017-10-18


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