Mount TBR Mountaineering Checkpoint #2


Time for a check-in on the climb up the To Be Read pile. My original goal was Mt. Everest at 100 books. As of June 30, I have reached the precise mid-way point at 50 books. The one on the pile the longest is an Ellery Queen Jr. mystery called The Blue Herring Mystery, which seems to have been purchased in Sioux Falls around 1982 or 1983. I was already too old for this series at 13 and could tell, even pre-internet, that this was not the same author as the classic Ellery Queen mysteries I was already enjoying at that point. Still, I probably should not have left it for 35 years. Of course, I’ve moved nine times since then and this has been boxed for most of that time. I have other ghostwritten Ellery Queens from that period that are still on the shelf, though. Perhaps within the next 35 years I’ll get them read.


2 thoughts on “Mount TBR Mountaineering Checkpoint #2

  1. Thanks for checking in! Good luck with the second half of the climb.

    The only Ellery Queen, Jr. I’ve ever found was The Green Turtle Mystery. I’d love to be able to find some of the others.


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