Adam Knight – Knife at My Back (1952)


Vintage Golden Age Mystery
Scavenger Hunt Category: A Blonde
Date Finished: May 5, 2017
TBR #33
Follow the Clues step #27: from Dagger to Knife

Private detective Steve Conacher, hired to tail a wealthy wife, follows her to a plush Catskills resort hotel. Here he runs into a number of characters, including a night club singer on the verge of stardom, the TV comic in love with the singer, her agent, a dancer, and various others, as well as the obligatory crooked cop. The wealthy wife is soon murdered, which the cops peg as a suicide, until a dealer in stag films also dies.

This is the fourth in the Steve Conacher series, and I liked it somewhat better than I liked Stone Cold Blonde, the second in the series, which I read last year. If it was mentioned in the earlier one, I didn’t pick up on Conacher only being slightly over five feet tall. That put a different slant on his toughness and dealings with the other characters. He spends a lot of time here running around between different characters and different parts of the hotel, and but I found it entertaining.

Vintage Golden Scavenger 2017-05-06


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