J.S. Fletcher – The Cartwright Gardens Murder (1926)


Vintage Golden Age Mystery
Scavenger Hunt Category: Dog
Date Finished: February 28, 2017
TBR #16
Follow the Clues step #16: from London neighborhood (Chelsea) to London street (Cartwright Gardens)

A young clerk, looking out the window of his Cartwright Gardens apartment, sees a man on the street below keel over and die. Who the man is and the manner of his murder are unknown. After giving his evidence, the young clerk takes it upon himself to start investigating the crime and the man. As the clerk chooses blackmail over assisting the police, the focus of the investigation and the novel turn to Detective-Sergeant Wormersley, C.I.D., Scotland Yard, assisted by an American businessman whose firm had employed the dead man. The investigation involves the dead man’s strange relatives, as well as his former love.

This was quite well done, though closer to Edwardian in style and manner than to post-war literature. The switch of the amateur sleuth from investigator to blackmailer was somewhat unexpected. I would read more of these, though suspect they may become more formulaic the more you read.

Not having the dust jacket, I went with the small dog logo of Borzoi Books on the back cover.

Vintage Golden Scavenger 2017-02-28


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