Bone Series


TBR #17 – Bone Vol. 5 Rock Jaw, Master of the Eastern Border, finished March 7, 2017
TBR #18 – Bone Vol. 6 Old Man’s Cave, finished March 9, 2017
TBR #20 – Bone Prequel: Rose, finished March 11, 2017
TBR #21 – Bone Vol. 7 Ghost Circles, finished March 12, 2017
TBR #22 – Bone Vol. 8 Treasure Hunters, finished March 13, 2017
TBR #23 – Bone Vol. 9 Crown of Horns, finished March 14, 2017
TBR #24 – Bone Handbook, finished March 18, 2017

A little TBR housekeeping here. Also finished Bone Vols. 1-4, but had previously read those. All of these deserve five stars. Too bad it took me 24 years from when I first started buying them to get around to reading them. It helped that the kid had these collected volumes to fill in where I missed an issue.


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