Maxwell Grant – London Crimes/Castle of Doom

Vintage Golden Age Mystery
Scavenger Hunt Category: Policeman
Date Finished: February 15, 2017
TBR #14
Follow the Clues step #14: from Castle feature (Portcullis) to Castle.

The Shadow visits England in these two novels from 1935 and 1936. In The London Crimes the Shadow fights the Harvester, with the latter being a master of disguise who intends to steal a large collection of securities. There is a lot of travel as the action moves back and forth between London and a country house. The Shadow definitely seems out of place with out dark city streets to hide in and here has to hang around out in the woods.

There is a bit more London atmosphere in The Castle of Doom with clubs and fog and such until the action moves to a castle. Again, there is general lurking about and an evil identical cousin. There is more Lamont Cranston in these, as there isn’t all that much for the Shadow to do without agents to manage, other than Harry, and cities to patrol.

I always want to like these more than I ever do, but I struggle with Walter Gibson’s writing style. The second novel felt a little less padded and moved along better, though a week later I can’t remember the plot at all.



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