Doris Miles Disney – Room for Murder (1955)


Vintage Golden Age Mystery
Scavenger Hunt Category: Cat
Date Finished: February 2, 2017
TBR #12
Follow the Clues step #12: from Library (a room) to Room.

I was surprised at how entertaining this mystery was. A pair of old maids, running a boarding house, and raising a young niece from childhood, deal with the death of one of their boarders. At first his death seems to be an accident, and it is dismissed as such by the police. One of the aunts, who tends to embellish things within her own mind, suspects that there was more to the death than it appears. Her persistence eventually brings others to believe in her case, including a young policeman who also begins to be interested in the niece.

I was afraid that this was going to turn out to be a typical HIBK, but it actually is quite humorous and the characters are well developed. Yes, the suspicious but naive aunt is eventually threatened by the killer, but she has shared her suspicions with the police. It turns out there is a reason why she was not believed, beyond her calling wolf too often. Some might feel that the ending is a bit of a cheat, but I found it plausible.



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