Richard S. Prather – Over Her Dear Body (1959)


Vintage Golden Age Mystery
Scavenger Hunt Category: Any Other Weapon
Date Finished: January 29, 2017
TBR #10
Follow the Clues step #10: from Body to Body.

The 11th Shell Scott mystery has him on board a party yacht, when he discovers a party girl, a nude swimmer, a mysterious and beautiful client, a secret meeting of bad guys, and a bunch of trouble. Of course, this all follows Shell throughout the novel, as he investigates the murder of his client’s brother, which is involved Shell’s knowledge of the shady crew aboard the yacht.

Non-stop action here, as the entire gang tries to stop Shell by shooting him, blowing him up, clubbing him, and, of course, murdering him on the operating table. He carries on through the entire climax with a bullet in his chest, hence the murder attempt in the operating room by the mob’s crooked doctor, but he manages to escape the hospital, run down the street, have a car chase, and blow up the mob with dynamite, though he is a bit winded at the end. And just having my tonsils out knocked me out for days. Of course, a Shell Scott novel is just a cartoon of a private eye novel, but at least this one tones down some of the blatant humor attempts for action scenes.

For our cover scavenger hunt, we’ll go with “Any Other Weapon” here for the automatic on the bed.



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