Margery Allingham – The Mind Readers (1965)


Vintage Silver Age Mystery
Scavenger Hunt Category: Policeman
Date Finished: January 27, 2017
TBR #8
Follow the Clues step #8: from Mind to Mind.

Albert Campion is back as he gets involved with foreign agents attempting to steal a secret British invention. An isolated research base is working on ESP or mind reading, but certain advanced developments seem to have been shared with a group of schoolboys, including Albert and Amanda’s nephew Edward and his cousin Sam. Sam’s dad is one of the scientist at the remote base, which is controlled by a corporation run by an overbearing executive. The executive manages his own team of operatives trying to recover the devices from the boys, while competing against the foreign powers. Campion, working as a government agent, inserts himself between both powers.

One of the last Campions, this one is in full thriller mode. There is a mystery involved with how this mind reading device fell in to the hands of the schoolboys, as well as the identity of a double agent in the research base, but it is definitely not a classic murder mystery. Campion ends up being involved with some of the physical action climax. I found this one much more involving than the Beckoning Lady or Hide My Eyes, but that was probably just me.

The cover above depicts the two boys talking to a policeman in a railroad station while the female spy who attempted to abduct them flees.



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