Vechel Howard – Murder on Her Mind (1959)


Vintage Golden Age Mystery
Scavenger Hunt Category: Chandelier/Candle/Etc.
Date Finished: January 22, 2017
TBR #7
Follow the Clues step #7: from Murder On to Murder On.

A private detective is sent to Mexico to investigate the murder of a wealthy ladies man. The dead man was involved with three women. all young, beautiful divorcees. His own ex-wife and lawyer also arrive shortly afterward, while his next-door-neighbor manages the households, introductions, and gossip. The detective’s grief over his dead wife doesn’t last long, nor does any resistance he might have had about getting involved with the three women.

The best thing going for this mystery is its short length. At 126 pages, it moves along quickly enough, though  at the cost of characterizations. It becomes difficult to  distinguish between a couple of the women, except by hair color, not that the author has really expended much effort to give them their own personalities. It isn’t terribly hardboiled or violent, nor are there any clever plot turns or suspense. Just adequate.



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