John D. MacDonald – The Empty Trap (1957)


Vintage Golden Age Mystery
Scavenger Hunt Category: Suitcase or Briefcase
Date Finished: January 3, 2017
TBR #2
Follow the Clues step #2: from Mexico to Mexico.
Reporter Challenge: Protagonist is an Innkeeper.

A hotel manager, working for the mob, runs away to Mexico with the wife of the head mobster as well as a pile of his dough. Of course the mob catches up with them and bad things happen. And naturally revenge ensues after a long recovery with some remote villagers. And, going through all this, the hero learns a lesson about life and love and about himself. Very well done by a master.

For the Follow the Clues challenge, this book stays in Mexico after The Menacers, though this one deals more with the people, while the other dealt more with various locations. For the scavenger hunt, we’ll count this vanity case or hat box as a suitcase. It is a piece of luggage, after all. We could have gone with doors again, after The Menacers, but those should be easier to find than suitcases.



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