Donald Hamilton – The Menacers (1968)


Vintage Silver Age Mystery
Scavenger Hunt Category: A Door
Date Finished: January 2, 2017
TBR #1

Matt Helm is called to bring back from Mexico a witness to a UFO sighting without letting her fall into the hands of the opposition. Running into agents from a competing U.S. agency, as well as a well-known foreign female agent, Helm is prepared to kill the witness rather than let her be captured. Helm chooses not to follow through on his instructions, as no one is who they seem to be here.

This is another tight, fast-moving Helm thriller, though once again Helm is paired with a woman who is dismayed by Helm’s lack of feelings toward his killings. The book is also marred by the few opinions Helm shares regarding women’s roles and attire, as well as regarding gays and lesbians. This seems to be Hamilton’s asides in the same way that John D. MacDonald would insert his own into Travis McGee novels, but these are the few times when the novel seems dated for 1968, let alone 2017.



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