Hampton Stone – The Corpse Was No Bargain At All (1968)


Vintage Silver Age Mystery
Scavenger Hunt Category: Redhead
Date Finished: September 16, 2016
TBR #70.5

The 16th in the Jeremiah X. Gibson (aka Gibby) series is for some reason released as #3 in the series from Paperback Library in 1971. The Hampton Stone pseudonym is one of Aaron Marc Stein’s, better known as George Bagby. I enjoyed the one George Bagby Inspector Schmidt mystery I read, as that one gave a good feeling of New York City in the 1950s. This one was a struggle to get through, however. The narrator is an attorney in the district attorney’s office, working alongside Gibby. The narrator, Mac, gets tied up with a mysterious death due to his nude, sun-bathing neighbors. The narrator is a bit of an uptight drag and doesn’t pay much attention to them. Gibby arrives to spot the clues and save the day. Way, way too talky, with a very obvious mystery. Definitely a disappointment and one that I struggled to pick up from day to day.

I’m not sure who was supposed to look like Steve McQueen, as per this cover, but this depiction does not fit any description I gathered from the text.



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