Clayton Fox – Never Forget, Never Forgive (1961)


Vintage Silver Age Mystery
Scavenger Hunt Category: Damsel in Distress
Date Finished: September 17, 2016
TBR #71

The other half of Ace Double F-102 brings me back up to a whole number on the TBR pile. A police detective, who lost his wife, his job, and his reputation, arrives in a small town to take a position as criminal investigator in the sheriff’s office of a rural county in, I presume, a northwestern state. He soon gets tied up with a woman with a past, as a couple of bodies are found. He discovers that they may be two of her three rapists from ten years before. But is she or someone related to her seeking revenge or is the third, yet undiscovered man, responsible? This moves along quite well, and is a good read. The psychological aspect of it is covered too quickly to be really believable, though, as she overcomes her ten-years of anger and distrust of men to fall in love with the detective within a few chapters. It is better that it was covered too quickly than too slowly, of course.

The cover doesn’t relate to much of anything in the story and the only distress the only female character is in is psychological. Still, we’ll check that one off.



One thought on “Clayton Fox – Never Forget, Never Forgive (1961)

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