Mount TBR Mountaineering Checkpoint #2

Mount TBR 2016

Half the year is over and time to check in on the Mount TBR challenge.

1. Tell us how many miles you’ve made it up your mountain (# of books read).  If you’re really ambitious, you can do some intricate math and figure out how the number of books you’ve read correlates to actual miles up Pike’s Peak, Mt. Ararat, etc. And feel free to tell us about any particularly exciting adventures you’ve had along the way.

I’ve finished 60 books off of my TBR pile. My original goal was 75 for Mt. Toro, with the hope to get up Mt. Everest at 100, and I’m well on my way. The first half of the year has been devoted to the Golden Age Mystery Scavenger Hunt, rather than the TBR climb, so I’ll be able to devote more effort to it in the second half of the year, especially since I only have two books left for the Golden Age challenge. I’m trying to be less intent on the Silver Age challenge. Unfortunately, the sabbatical will soon be over.
OR (Counts as both part 1 and 2)
Use titles from your list to complete as many of the following sentences below as you can.  If you haven’t read enough books to give you good choices, then feel free to use any books yet to be read from your piles. I’ve given my answers as examples. Feel free to add or change words (such as “a” or “the” or others that clarify) as needed.

My Life According to Books

  1. My Ex would Blow Hot/Blow Cold (by Ellery Queen)
  2. My best friend is The Joker in the Deck (by Richard S. Prather)
  3. Lately, at work [I’ve been] The Running Man (by Ben Benson)
  4. If I won the lottery, I’d be The Toff (who) Goes to Market (by John Creasey)
  5. My fashion sense [says I’m] Death in Four Colors (by Brandon Bird)
  6. My next ride [will take me on the] Night Train to Paris (by Manning Coles)
  7. The one I love [will] Turn on the Heat (by A.A. Fair)
  8. If I ruled the world, everyone would be The Prize Winner (and Other Stories) (by John Stanley)
  9. When I look out my window, I see No Footprints in the Bush (by Arthur Upfield)
  10. The best things in life are [at] The Tavern by the Seine (by Georges Simenon)

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