Thomas B. Dewey – The Brave, Bad Girls (1956)

The Brave, Bad Girls

Vintage Golden Age Mystery
Scavenger Hunt Category: Building (other than house)
Date Finished: June 30, 2016
TBR #60

Mac is called in to protect a young woman from two goons. Those goons quickly separate Mac from the woman and rough him up. Called in to another case, he is asked to help a young teacher clear her name against a witch-hunting school board member. Eventually tracking down the first young woman, he finds her alone in an apartment with a dead man who appears to be the estranged husband of the schoolteacher. Mac hides the girl away and does not call the cops in, leading to much trouble later between him and the cops, as he tries to figure out how these two cases are related. I’m not doing the summary justice, but there are many different plot turns here and quite a lot of action and misdirection. This is all very well done, of course, being a Thomas B. Dewey novel, written during his prime period, and includes all the necessary Mac melancholia, kindness, independence, and humanity. I could add more, but this is a great book, five out of five.

The 1985 cover doesn’t do justice to the 1956 style as neither Mac nor the two women look nowhere near as classic or classy as they should. And, of course, the John Hancock Center was not built until 1965-1969, so isn’t really representative of Mac’s Chicago. Still, there it is on the cover and counts for the Building category.

Vintage Golden Scavenger 2016-06-30


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