Mount TBR Checkpoint #1

Mount TBR 2016

After the first three months of 2016, I’ve read 24 books on my TBR toward my Mt. Toro goal of 75. I’m only counting physical books even though it feels good to clear books out of my Nook app, too. No reading funks so far and I’m expecting my sabbatical months of May-July to be productive as well.

A. Favorite cover so far:

File Jan 31, 7 27 25 PM

B. Favorite character: I’ll probably go with Gervase Fen. He certainly is unique and memorable, compared with the typical private eye types.

C. What has surprised me? I suppose I’m surprised that books that have sat on my shelves for 20 years are enjoyable and quick reads. Why did I wait so long to read them? Would I have enjoyed them back then?

D. Title Scrabble:

Million Dollar Murder by Edward S. Aarons
Alibi at Dusk by Ben Benson
Nude in Nevada by Thomas B. Dewey
Ice-Cold Nude by Carter Brown
Assignment Treason by Edward S. Aarons
Corpse Came Calling by Brett Halliday
Shakedown by Richard Ellington



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