George Harmon Coxe – The Charred Witness (1942)


Vintage Golden Age Mystery
Scavenger Hunt Category: Skull
Date Finished: April 1, 2016
TBR #25

Kent Murdock, on magazine assignment to photograph an armaments plant, stops at the house of the inventor and stumbles into a murder case. There is a disgruntled wife, a brother-in-law, another brother-in-law, a brother, a niece, a foster nephew, lovers for all, along with a Nazi spy and his henchmen. Parts of the mystery are obvious, but the secondary solution is a bit of a twist. The number of characters give you plenty of suspects, but also prevents deeper characterization for most of them. Jack Fenner is here too as an aide to Murdock, and his character adds some smirky humor to it all. Unfortunately, there are a few too many talky chapters discussing various possible suspects without interacting with them. Murdock’s photography and his photographer’s eye play a role here, but you would think he would learn that the bad guys are always attempting to get the film he has shot.

Vintage Golden Scavenger 2016-04-01


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