Rex Stout – The Broken Vase (1941)

Broken Vase

Vintage Golden Age Mystery
Scavenger Hunt Category: Broken Object
Date Finished: March 26, 2016

Tecumseh Fox makes his final outing as he investigates the suicide of a young violinist after a disastrous performance. The violin has been tampered with, obviously to ruin his debut and cause the temperamental artist to shoot himself. Somehow it all ties in with the theft of a Ming vase and the destruction of another. At first it seems that nobody has the slightest motive, but once we find the one missing clue, everything becomes clear. The characters here are well defined and the action moves quickly along. This may be the best mystery in which the Fox character is involved, though the personal characteristics and oddball entourage evident in the first of the series are completely absent here. There seems little reason to continue the series without those aspects.

In her introduction, Sister Carol Anne O’Marie states that Tecumseh Fox was a Native American detective, when he clearly stated in the first volume that he was not Native American, but rather named for William Tecumseh Sherman. Sloppy.

Vintage Golden Scavenger 2016-03-26


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