Ben Benson – Alibi at Dusk (1951)


Vintage Golden Age Mystery
Scavenger Hunt Category: Green Object
Date Finished: March 27, 2016
TBR #24

The green object here is the chaise lounge, though a scene like this doesn’t appear in this novel. State Police Lieutenant Wade Paris returns to Eastern City to assist an old army buddy who has been accused of murder. This is the second Wade Paris novel and the references to having cleaned up Eastern City before may refer to the first novel in this series, Beware the Pale Horse. I still have to track that one down. Here a wife is murdered and her husband injured by a burglar, with the neighbor’s gardener, Paris’ friend, seen fleeing the scene. The local police are not interested in investigating further, but Paris persists, even as political muscle is brought against him by the daughter of the murdered woman. Of course, there is some romance here and Paris, as always, tries to resist human temptation. Other than cigarette smoking, he seems to have no vices and is incorruptible. We tend to like our heroes a bit darker now days, but Benson’s stories do move along nicely and provide a somewhat unusual 1950s look in to the state police and highway patrol.

Vintage Golden Scavenger 2016-03-27


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