Brett Halliday – The Corpse Came Calling (1942)


Vintage Golden Age Mystery
Scavenger Hunt Category: Library or a Book
Date Finished: March 13, 2016
TBR #20

I had two of these on the To-Be-Read pile, the older of which has Phyllis holding a notebook, which is a type of book, is it not?

Let’s take a look at Mike Shayne’s tally in this one, which takes place in 24 hours or less:

Drinks 13
Knocked out 1
Murders 2 or 5, if you count those who die at the round-up
Wives kidnapped 1

Seems a fairly straightforward action novel with little mystery or detection until the last two chapters switch everything up. Phyllis is still here, getting into trouble, tied up once and kidnapped later on. A private eye shows up at Mike’s office apartment and keels over dead with three bullet wounds and clutching a torn scrap of paper. There is an FBI agent and a German restauranteur and his head waiter, as Mike seemingly investigates some stolen defense plans during World War II. Of course, Shayne doesn’t confide anything to the police and obstructs justice numerous times. He also knocks out and ties up his newspaper reporter friend Tim O’Rourke. It is a wonder that he ever talks to Shayne again. And when Mike drinks cognac, he is usually filling up a wine glass with it, so the drink count of 13 is more like 25 normal person drinks. It is a wonder that his liver survived World War II.

Vintage Golden Scavenger 2016-03-13


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