Ed Lacy – Visa to Death (1955)


Vintage Golden Age Mystery
Scavenger Hunt Category: Photograph
Date Finished: February 12, 2016

From the other Ed Lacy books that I’ve read, I expected this one to be a bit more violent, racy, or seamy, I guess. It feels more like a William Campbell Gault Brock Callahan mystery. An auto mechanic, who has gotten into private detective work through his late wife’s urging to deal with auto-related thefts, is asked by a young widow to help investigate the murder of a cop. The cop was shot in the back, along with another somewhat innocuous character. This is way outside of his area of investigation, but he agrees. A fairly easy-going detective trying to take care of his little girl while doing late night work, he comes up with some clues and insights that have escaped the police. The Point-of-view switches back and forth between the detective and the criminals, so you are a bit ahead of things and aren’t completely in the dark as to suspects, but even though there is nothing earth-shattering here, it is well done and a shame that the detective, Barney Harris, does not appear again.

Vintage Golden Scavenger 2016-02-12


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