Robert H. Kelston – Kill One, Kill Two (1958)


Vintage Golden Age Mystery
Scavenger Hunt Category: Performer (Dancer)
Date Finished: February 10, 2016

Robert H. Kelston seems to be largely a mystery himself. He seems to have just a couple of books to his name, including this half of an Ace Double. In this mystery, a dam engineer has just finished a project in Monterrey, Mexico and is off to his next project in Guadalajara. On the road in his Jaguar, a man appears suddenly in front of him. He swerves but cannot avoid hitting him. Was it an accident or was the man pushed in front of him? Trying to avoid entanglement with the Monterrey police, our engineer tries to dig deeper in the criminal underworld associated with the dead man. This includes the widow, the dancer (stripper) pictured on our cover, who is also involved with our engineer, along with her brother, her husband’s lover, and assorted other characters. Very complicated. With only a 112 pages to work with, Kelston tries to jam as much beating, conniving, drinking, loving, and fighting in here as possible. Although no great work of art, he is moderately successful in showing a few wild, violent few days in Mexico.

Vintage Golden Scavenger 2016-02-10b


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