Alan LeMay – Winter Range (1932)


Category: Published in 1930s
Date Finished: November 14, 2015

Frustratingly talky, with the main female character full of lies and  cover ups. There are so many conversations about how she can’t tell this or that. She’s not the only one. Why is her father acting so strange? Because he believes one character is the killer and never talks or reveals enough to find out the truth.

As the sheriff says toward the end, “You’ve talked all around and about, and over the bush. And you end up with nothing more to the point than a cheap brawl. You’ve wasted enough words to–.”

This is a mystery as much as it is a western, though it keeps all the western trappings. It is set in modern times, at least mentioning cars and telephones a couple of times, but little else setting it in the 1930s rather than the 1880s.

LeMay has written classics, but this is an early work.



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