Sam Bowie – Canyon War (1969)

Ace Double 09135 - Sam Bowie (Todhunter Ballard) - Canyon War 001

Category: Published in the 1960s
Date Finished: November 9, 2015

The other half of the Ace Double with The Hooded Gun, this was written by Todhunter Ballard under his Sam Bowie pseudonym. I read one of his mysteries earlier this year and it was quite well done, too. This one takes a somewhat different plot turn than many westerns. A carefree cowhand and drifter takes action to defend a clan of hillbilly types, who are being blamed for cattle rustling and other activities in an effort to run them out of the country. The hillbillies are supposed to be German immigrants, which doesn’t fit historically, but it is rare to have any sort of immigrants included in these westerns.



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