Planet Stories v03n10 Spring 1948

Planet Stories 1948-Spring p000

Category: SF Pulp
Date Finished: October 2, 2015

A Ray Bradbury short story here, “Jonah of the Jove-Run,” is the best and gets a prominent cover blurb, even though it isn’t as great as his best. “Design for Doomsday” by Bryce Walton is a space epic of war among the planets but doesn’t have much beyond the action. That is pretty well done, though. “Planet in Reverse” by Henry Guth is clever though impossible. “Space-Trap at Banya Tor” by W.J. Matthews deals with pirates in space, but is mediocre. “The Outcasts of Solar III” by Emmett McDowell features a he-man scientist who of course is athletic, brilliant, and too far fetched to be believed. The more believable part is that corporations are running things and fighting among themselves and the government with violent means, but the story switches streams a few times and throws in a number of concepts that should have been explored on their own. James Reasoner reviewed the issue here. I wasn’t familiar with the writers beyond Bradbury, and Reasoner wasn’t much either.

Looking at the letter column in the next issue, it seems that a couple liked “Jonah of the Jove-Run” best, but others supported “Space-Trap at Banya Tor” or “Outcasts of Solar III.” 



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