Dime Detective v50n04 March 1946


Category: Mystery Pulp
Date Finished: May 10, 2015

Now that my Golden and Silver Age Mystery bingos are nearly completed, I created a Pulp bingo card to challenge me to read more pulps for the rest of the year. I finished this one a few months back, but didn’t make many notes about it. There are a number of continuing characters here that a regular reader of Dime Detective back in 1946 would have more knowledge of. I’m somewhat in the dark as to who they are, but they include newspaper reporter Bill Brent, lawyer C.D. Mort by Julius Long, genealogist Pinero Pershing by Henry Norton, and Malachi Manatee by William R. Cox. It is fun to see these forgotten detectives, however slight some of these stories are.

Blank bingo card:


Progress so far:



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